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THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CEMENT TILES 1. While installing cement tiles use a narrow grout line: Create a very thin grout line by placing cement tiles as close together as possible. For making your space look larger and make the design look seamless minimize the grout line as much as possible. 2. Pick the right grout color: You can use colored or white grout. If you decide to use colored grout, then we recommend it be a color that is the same or lighter than the lightest color used in the pattern. You can't use black grout color because the dark grout will permanently stain the white parts of the tile. 3. Always purchase polished tile: Tiles that are polished have a satin sheen that simulates the finish all cement floor tiles achieve over time with care and use. The sheen develops from the abrasive forces acting on the tile from use. Raw tiles can be polished with a floor buffer and green pad after installation. 4. Seal the tile with a penetrating sealer: Cement tile must be sealed with a high quality penetrating sealer. Like natural stones, cement tiles are porous in nature and a penetrating sealer provides a barrier by coating the cement particles in the tile, making it less likely they will retain stains or water. 5. In the required tile quantity add 15-20% waste/overage tiles: To cover overage/waste we recommend you to order an additional 15-20% of tile. Uncertainty in dimensions, damage during installation, damage that may occur during shipping and uncertainty in dimensions are covered in these overage or waste tiles. For more information on cement tiles please contact us or visit at
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Decor your space with Tan Brown granite from the best granite suppliers: Tan Brown Granite has a dark brown color background with black and red hues. In addition, it also has a unique blend of black and grey flecks. These granites are known for their durability. It provides a cool texture and attractive look. This stone is especially good for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall coping and other design projects. It also called Dark Tan Granite, Tan Brown Granite, Brown Tan Granite, Tan Brown Blue Granite, English Brown Granite. Main Features of Tan Brown granite- To understand the importance and structure of Tan Brown Granite, have a look at its some main features that describes its beauty and usage: Compressive Strength: It has the compressive strength of approx 181.83 MPa Water absorption capacity: It has approx 0.11 By weight % water absorption capacity. Density: It comes in a density of approx 2710 kg/m3 Surface Finish: Tan Brown Granite comes in a variety of surface such as polished Flamed etc. You may choose according to your requirements. Application Areas: Tan Brown Granite has its best usage for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Visit Goel Marbo Granite, the best supplier for all kinds of building materials- Try out the latest collection of Tan Brown Granite having a unique blend of white and grey color. We offer you a beautiful range of Tan Brown Granite having durability and perfect finish. These granites are often used for kitchen countertops, interior, and exterior projects and worktops because of its 0% water absorbent capacity. It gives your space a cool texture and attractive look. These are perfectly polished and flamed having a beautiful modern touch. Get more details Here Goel World is the Best Marble Supplier in Lucknow. For more information, contact or visit us at Click Here
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