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Goel Marbo Granit presents a huge variety of all kinds of building material that give your home an aesthetic and superb look and feel.Our top quality products are hardwood, decorative wood, pine wood, Marbles and granite, tiles, natural stones, plywood and flush doors, laminates, decorative veneer, adhesive, acrylic sheets. We are the best Marble supplier in lucknow for all kinds of building material. We showcase various reputed brands, such as Greenply, Century Ply, Austin, Darwin, Bhupathi, RAK Ceramics, Somani, Johnsons, Simera, Simola, LG Hi-Mac etc.

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Let’s Understand wha
Let’s Understand what are the types of marble tiles and how they can be used as a part of our work and lives: As marble, the kind of metamorphic rock, contains the property of soft texture and gives the luxurious and attractive feel to the architecture, the people usually prefer to use the marble for the interior as well as for the exterior. It adds the charm to your space beautifully by its uniform or discontinuous veins with different colours. As you know what marble is and how attractively and beautifully it may be used, you definitely wants to know about the different types of marble tiles and how they can be used. Let’s now understand this- CARRARA MARBLE TILE: Carrara is actually a city in Italy. There are quarries of white marbles as well as of blue-grey marbles. Carrara Marble Tile is a kind of light coloured marble and is economical in nature. These marbles are mostly used in sculptures and building decor. Some remarkable buildings like The Pantheon, Trajan’s Column, Column of Marcus Aurelius, Marble Arch etc. are made up of the Carrara Marble. VOLAKAS- Volkas is that kind of marble which is semi-white in color and consists of grey shadows on its surface. It contains calcite and dolomite in 8% and 92% respectively. Goel marbo Granit Best Marble Supplier in Lucknow. The main characteristics of the volakas marble are its high hardness, uniform , and low water absorption. The compressive strength of volakas is 1400 kg/cm3. It is mostly used in wall cladding applications, exterior & interior, countertops, basin & stairs, flooring, shower bases, sinks, furniture, carving. CALACATTA MARBLE TILE- It is also an Italian Marble. It is white in color with dramatic grey veining and is considered as a luxury stone. It has the bold veining around its surface. The calacatta marble has following variations like Calacatta Classic, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Gold Premium, Calacatta Lasa, Calacatta Splendor, Calacatta Vagli. In these variations, the colors in veins vary from golden to grey. Calacatta Marble Slabs and Tiles are used for several indoor applications, where the elegance matters. STATUARY MARBLE - These marbles are like the pure white marble having the pattern of discontinuous grey veins. Between the Basin and the Torano Miseglia, there is a Mount Betogli, which is rich in the statuary marble. Widely, the people use it as a kitchen countertop. Apart from that, it is also good for other areas like monuments, mosaics, fountains, pools, etc. Its compressive strength is 115.0 MPa while density is 2665 kg/m3. The compression breaking load after freezing is 108 MPa. The water absorption of statuary marble is 0.19%. EMPERADOR MARBLE- This marble comes in different shades of brown. Its darker color gives the attractive and charming look. The light marble is mostly suitable for ethnic decors and colonial decors. The main characteristics of the light marble include its extraordinary polished finish, resilience, natural textures, varieties and color richness, which makes it appealing and stand out from the others. On the other hand, the dark Emperador marble is dark brown in color having fine grain and irregular vein. It is also known as Turkish Emperador, Emperador Dark Marble. Goel marbo Granit Best Marble Supplier in Lucknow. It is mostly used for countertops and bars, wall and floor tiles, etc. Its compressive strength after freezing is 1061 kgf/cm2. CREMA MARFIL MARBLE- It is a creamy beige textured marble having soft veins of color. The color tones may be of goldish beige, white beige, yellow-beige or cinnamon beige. It generates the warm desire and smooth feeling among people. The background of Crema Marfil is pale which gives the brighter look. It’s finishing is very shiny and smooth. The main characteristics include its easy maintenance, high durability, and fine finishing. This bright colored marble is suitable for indoor bathroom and Kitchen, such as flooring, backsplashes, wall covering, countertops. THASSOS MARBLE- There is an island in Greece, named as Thassos. This white Thassos comes from there. It is different from other marbles because of its sparkling and glowing appearance. It makes space bright which is suitable for indoor and outdoor designs. Goel marbo Granit Best Marble Supplier in Lucknow. In this way, You may use all these marbles for several purposes like flooring, stairs, corridor, wall decoration, furniture, sculpture, columns, vases, countertops, tabletops, tile flooring, fireplace mantels etc. Now you know about the different types of marbles and their uses or applications in several areas. Bring it to your home and make your space so classy and attractive that give you a feel of pride and charm. The elegance of the marbles makes your space different and unique from others, thereby adding the value to your home and helps you stand out from the crowd. The polished marble makes your space shiny and beautiful. Wanna try it? Of course, you would like it. Don’t wait, use marble and make your home shine and attractive. Goel World Best marble Supplier in Lucknow. For more information, Click here to contact us or visit:-
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The facts you must k
The facts you must know about the quality of Marble: Marbles are the kind of metamorphic rocks that are made up of carbonate minerals having irregular marks, spots, streaks, blotches or patches of different shades of colours. It is mostly used in architecture and sculpture. These metamorphic rocks shine when gets polished. Obviously, these stones provide the feel of inimitable luxury. These marbles are available in several colours like white, green, beige, brown, pink, red, black etc. Thus the marble stone is available in numerous colours and vein patterns. The marble is that kind of stone which have its multiple uses. It consists of a variety of properties. The multiple uses of marble include- The beauty which increases the charm and luxurious feel of the architecture and sculpture. In agriculture, to reduce the acidity of the soil, lime is used. This lime is made after heating the marble in the klin. The lime is also known as calcium oxide. It can increase the yield of the soil when it is combined with the fertilizers. Farms that raise the dairy cows and chickens, use the powdered limestone and marble which is rich in calcium. The marble also contains some optical properties. This property assists in making cosmetics, paints and paper. The marble has also its use in cemetery marker because of its easiness to cut and engrave. As you are the one who is going to use the marble, you always have a desire to gain knowledge about the quality and other necessary aspects about the marble types. Let’s have a look at some facts- 1) Check that the marble is not cracked because the in-depth cracks may lose its strength- It is an obvious fact that if the marble stone has the cracks on it, it will surely lose its strength. Apart from that, it will reduce the charm of your interior. If you already designed your interior with marbles, you need to take care of some points: To protect the marble stone, do mopping with the soft dust mop, not the hard one. Use non-slip mats and rugs on the floor. Don’t use the harsh chemicals as cleaners. 2)Although for making it classy and artistic type, there may be some cracks or fissures; but make sure that fracture is not much more in-depth- Somewhere it is seen that the fewer cracks are made just because of making the interior trendy. But always make sure, they are not in-depth, otherwise, those cracks will weaken the property of marble. 3)Ensure that the patterns are uniform- The patterns, as well as the thickness of the marble stone, must be uninformed that increase the charm and attractiveness of the interior. The marbles with non-uniform thickness will easily get damaged in future. The uniformity of patterns and thickness ensures the uniform laying on the floor. 4) Same Dimensions- Always try to select the marble tiles that are of same dimensions. The dimension includes depth, length, and width. The fact to be kept in mind is that the size of the slab is much more depending upon the patterns. For example, the slab may be square or rectangular in shape for the normal works. Their thickness may vary from 20 mm to 40 mm. There are several marble slabs of which the maximum dimensions of statuario Venato, Calcutta, Statuarietto, Venatino, Bianco, Carrara, Bardiglio, Covelano marbles are 3.30 X 2.00 metres. 5) Thickness- The marble tiles you are going to buy should be thick enough. The thickness ensures the strength of the material. According to industry standards, the thickness should be around 1 or 1/4 inch for granite and marble kitchen island countertops, and 3/4 inch for bathroom granite and marble vanity tops. 6)The marble’s edges should not be chipped- As the marble is a quite soft material, the counter edges may get chipped during accidental hit or stone fabrication or installation. 7) Avoid artificial coloured marbles- If you like coloured marbles, then always ensure that the marble is not coloured with artificial colours. Now the question arises, how will you check if the marble is artificially coloured or not? Don’t worry, we are here to guide you. Just do an experiment. You will need a piece of cloth and the kerosene oil or petrol. Now soak that piece of cloth in the kerosene oil or in the petrol. After that rub it over the stone. If the stone is artificially coloured, it will come off on the cloth. If the stone is not artificially coloured, nothing will happen. Apart from that, the artificially coloured stone consists of the coating of sealant which keeps the artificial colour intact. Because of this sealant, the stone does not easily scratch. 8) The slabs of marbles must be hard and dense- The slabs of the marbles must be not only uniform but also be hard and dense in quality. It strengthens the quality of the marble. So these are some crucial steps that need to be taken care of while checking the quality of marble types. Goel World Best marble Supplier in Lucknow. For more information, Click here to contact us or visit:-
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